But when a young lady is to become a heroine, the perverseness of forty surrounding families cannot prevent her. Something must and will happen to throw a hero in her way.

Jane Austen

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jennifer Crusie's Bet Me

I was looking for new authors to read the other day and a friend of mine suggested I read any book by Jennifer Crusie. I don’t normally go out of my realm of historical romance books but I trust the person who recommended her. I am so thankful I listened to her! Jennifer Crusie’s Bet Me is officially on my top 10 favorite books and considering all the books on my list are historical I believe that says something about her.

Min Dobbs knows that happily-ever-after is a fairy tale, especially with a man like Cal Morrisey, who asked her to dinner to win a bet. Cal Morrisey knows commitment is impossible, especially with a woman as cranky as Min Dobbs. When they say good-bye at the end of their evening, they cut their losses and agree never to see each other again.

But Fate has other plans, and it’s not long before Min and Cal are dealing with meddling friends, wedding cake, a jealous ex-boyfriend, Krispy Kremes, a determined psychologist, chaos theory, a frantic bride, Chicken Marsala, a mutant cat, snow globes, two Mothers-from-Hell, great shoes, and more risky propositions than either of them ever dreamed of including the biggest gamble of all–unconditional love

Now I’ve never written a book review, I have problems rambling on (which I’m working on) and all the books I try to write turn into short stories so this may well be the worst book review ever. But what I can say, without too much rambling, is that I love this book. It’s not nice to read a book about your average girl. Well I wouldn’t call Min Dobbs average but in a sense she is. She’s not perfect, she’s not skinny and she’s not stylish. She’s your average, run of the mill female, at least when it comes to her body she is. I’ve read so many books with the perfect heroine, well they do have some flaws, but none like Min. And as much as I love reading those books its hard to sometimes completely relate to the heroine. I could actually see myself as Min and understand completely why she is the way she is. As for the hero, Cal, there’s only one thing to say about him; he is my perfect man (and officially my new book boyfriend).

Like I said I’m not a good book reviewer. I really just wanted to share this with y’all.  I will get better, I promise :) Oh, and any advice on writting reviews would be more than welcome!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I found an amazing new website today thanks to Karen Ranney (who also happens to be a favorite author of mine). The website I found is called HistoryPin. HistoryPin is a website that allows you to share a glance into your family’s history with others. Now I am a HUGE history buff and I’ve always enjoyed digging up my history but I’ve never really had anyone to share it with. So when I found this website I was definitely thrilled at the thought of sharing my history with someone other than my family. So take a look and tell me what you think. You should especially take a look at Scotland on the map. I can’t wait to get home and get started!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Getting started

Hello…..ok that was awkward. I’m sure you can tell this is my first time at all this but I’m gonna give it a shot. Not even really sure what I’m even going to be doing with this thing but here goes…
I wouldn’t say my life is interesting at all but I’m definitely not the most boring person. I’ve started writing a book, not exactly as easy as I thought. Seems like it’s becoming more of a short story but I’m working on it. Any help would be more than appreciated. I haven’t really been reading books all that long, I mean I read them when I had to in high school but other than that I always made fun of my mom for reading as much as she did. And then, about 2 years ago, I went through a divorce and had to move in with my parents. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through. My mom tried to get me to read and told me “they’ll help you through it” so I finally broke down and picked out a book. I went through the gobs and gobs of books my mom has and finally decided on Lynn Kurland’s With Every Breath and was HOOKED. Every since that book I have been slightly addicted to any and all romance novels. To say that I owe a lot to a few certain authors, who will never know what their writing has meant to me, would be definitely be an understatement!
Books aren’t all that I love. There’s my job, which I’m exceptionally good at, and traveling, which I try to do every chance I get. And most importantly there’s also my most incredible little ginger boy, Hayden. He is my world and I would be lost without him. Right now it’s just me and him having fun. You could, without a doubt, say this is my time to live.